Right now, Injustice & Hypocrisy rule this world. And we are ALL to blame.


some of the best days of my life have been when i was grieving too much to turn to anyone except Allah. i’ve learned that it’s true what they say - the purpose behind trials is always, always to redirect your focus from the creation to the Creator, from the dunya to the akhirah, and it’s no coincidence that Allah afflicts you right when your heart has begun to turn away from Him.

My list of ” books to read” is just getting longer , and I havn’t even started!



The world is large

And a terrifying place

But to find a spark

In another person

Is all it really takes

To light up a part of ourselves

So we can survive another day

- c.m.j.
"I prayed to God, and asked him sincerely for someone to fall in love with me. Then I heard a voice, so powerful and yet so beautiful, “So long as you remember me, you will always be loved.””
Seja Majeed  (via khadlja)